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It is our pleasure to review your case for free.  After you have completed and submitted the requested information below, we will begin our review process. If we believe we MAY be able to assist you in your collection efforts, we will send you a packet of information through the U.S. Mail including some forms for you to fill out.  If we are unable to offer our assistance to you at this time, you will receive an E-mail within 72 hours. Thank you for your interest in our services.

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.: Do you have a court order for Child Support, Spousal Support, Property Equalization and/or Attorney Fees?

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.: Please enter the approximate DATE of your first Court Order:

.: Do you now, or have you ever, received AFDC or TANF (cash assistance, welfare)?

.: Based on the amount your ex was ordered to pay, and giving credit for the amounts actually paid, how much money do you believe is owed to you?

.: What State does your ex presently reside in?

.: How old is your ex?

.: Please indicate which of the below best describes your EX's present employment:

.: When was the last date that you received any money toward your Court Ordered Obligation?

* Remember, this is a no obligation review.


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