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“Thank you for your time and effort to make this a happy time for my family and me. I never could have won without the help of you and the Center.” — Paula S.

“I really, sincerely appreciate all your time and effort in my case. As frustrating as it was for quite some time, you have brought that to an end.” — Anja F.

“Raymond Goldstein, thank you for being honest, caring, kind, efficient, persistent and hardworking. Thank you for not quitting this battle when I wanted to give up. Thank you for being such a great cheerleader. Thank you for working so hard on behalf of myself and my daughters. Thank you for finally succeeding with a case in which no one else had been successful with a father and ex-husband who thought he was invincible” Thank you for all that you have done for us. I have never met anyone like you and I will never forget you as long as I live. You are an amazing human being and I am proud to say I know you. With sincere thanks and gratitude” — Sheri N.

“When everyone else had said it was hopeless, you persevered and collected. Thank you so very much.” — Arthur M.

“I had been waiting for years on the District Attorney and that collection agency to get my children their money. Thank God for the Center.” — Maria P.

“I want to thank you for your patience and forbearance. I also am appreciative for the successful recovery.” — Rochelle H.

A Few Example Cases

The Center for Enforcement of Family Support has collected millions of dollars in past due family support, child support, alimony and property equalization. Here are a few examples of just how we've done it.

Maria worked three jobs to provide for her three daughters, while her ex paid no support, had a host of electronic toys, drove a BMW, traveled regularly and lived in a beautiful home. Unfortunately, everything Doug owned had been transferred into a corporation or a partnership. The Center obtained the necessary orders, fought through 2 bankruptcies and many other proceedings, and caused Doug’s home to be sold. The Center collected almost $150,000 for Maria.

Lisa was a television producer in New York City, whose wealthy ex-husband suddenly stopped making child support payments when their son Mark was eleven. Years later, when Mark was ready to attend college, Lisa contacted the Center. After the Center put a legal “hammerlock” on him, her ex-husband wrote out a check for $42,500 to cover past due support.

Martha, a urologist, owed her ex husband, Jack, over $100,000 in a community property equalization. Not only did the Center recover the $100,000 for Jack, but it collected an additional $25,000 as a contribution to Jack’s attorney fees.

The father of Belinda’s child owned his own plumbing and heating company. Nothing was in his name. Dad, through his arrogance, believed himself to be “judgment-proof.” Less than 6 months later, Dad was paying $500 every month, and continues to do so because in the event he stops, there will be an extra charge of about $10,000 on his default. Plus, Dad knows that the Center monitors every one of his payments.

Sarah’s ex worked for cash “under the table” but he had a beautifully restored vintage corvette. He once vowed to “rot in jail” before he would pay support. Sadly, he also refused to take any interest in seeing his child. The Center found his prized Corvette and had the Sheriff seize it. Sarah received the $6,000 he paid to get his car back. This story has a happy ending in which the father now pays support regularly, and has begun to take an active interest in his child.

Wilma’s ex-husband was a surgeon who kept everything in his new wife’s name. The Center worked long and hard to intercept payments from the sale of a medical practice, fought the ex through bankruptcy (both a personal and a corporate), and then continued the battle through the probate court after ex’s death. The Center secured payments of over $300,000 for Wilma.

Jim’s ex-wife is a high school teacher who used to pay support regularly. After she remarried, payments tapered off and then stopped altogether. When Jim asked her for money, she would send something, sometimes. After a while, he gave up asking because the experience was too demeaning. However, a new law changed all of that. Jim now gets his support payments—including the past due payments—directly from her paycheck.

Nancy’s ex-husband, Jeff, owed over $55,000 in past due child support. The Center levied on about 12 pieces of artwork that Jeff had in his apartment. At the Sheriff’s auction, the pieces went for a little less than what was owed, but, Jeff, not knowing all the Center’s tactics, repurchased two of them at the auction. Moments after the auction ended, the Center re-levied on Jeff’s newly acquired art, which eventually led to full payment of the support arrears.


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